Men’s health | Top 5 Men’s Health Concerns​

Men’s health | Top 5 Men’s Health Concerns

Men’s health Learn about the highest health enemies for men and vital health screenings to require

Visiting a doctor are some things we tend to tend to try and do solely out necessarily (for instance, once enclosed by a coughing fit). however, this shouldn’t be, therefore. once you build it a degree to travel for normal health screenings, it will probably save your life – particularly for men.

That’s as a result of the alleged tougher sex is actually extra at risk of many conditions, like upset, high sign and inherited the disease, Some of these conditions ar “silent killers”, that mean symptoms, if any, entirely appear at a very late stage. Men, meet your prime health enemies!


what’s it?

fleshiness is outlined as body mass index (BMI) ≥ thirty kg/m2. This year, 12.1 per cent of men in Singapore were fat, as compared to nine.5 per cent of ladies. Blame it on the unhealthy food selections therefore pronto obtainable nowadays. Or work stress.

Why is it not good?

fleshiness puts you in danger for a few of the leading causes of death in Singapore, specifically cardiopathy and polygenic disorder.

Do this:

A basic health screening is suggested yearly, wherever your BMI and waist circumference are going to be taken.

cardiovascular disease

what’s it?

cardiovascular disease, or high vital sign, could be a condition wherever the blood is wired round the body at a better pressure. It affects nearly thirty percent of adult Singaporean men, however typically goes undiscovered.

Why is it not good?

Untreated malady} will cause arterial blood vessel disease, stroke, cardiopathy and kidney failure.

Do this:

a quick and painless vital sign mensuration check is suggested every 2 years.

what’s it?

diabetes could be a chronic malady marked by high levels of aldohexose (sugar) within the blood, caused by depleted production of hypoglycaemic agent. The condition affects 9 percent of the adult population in Singapore (especially men).

Why is it not good?

Untreated and uncontrolled polygenic disorder will result in visual disorder, amputation of limbs, nephropathy, and impotence.

Do this:

If you’re forty and higher than, a fast blood sugar check is suggested once each 3 years.

High steroid alcohol

what’s it?

High steroid alcohol refers to high levels of lipids within the blood (think clogged arteries!). This affects eighteen percent of all Singaporeans, with men being additional vulnerable.

Why it is not good:

It will raise your possibilities of obtaining cardiopathy, stroke and alternative health conditions. Heart attacks and strokes cause over 1 / 4 of all deaths here annually.

Do this:

If you’re aged forty and higher than, do the fast lipids health screening check every 3 years.

body part cancer

what’s it?

body part cancer is cancer that starts in either the colon or body part. it’s become the foremost common cancer for men, with Singapore having one in every of the very best incidences of the cancer in Asia.

Why it’s not good:

Left untreated, body part willcer can result in the removal of an oversized section of the colon, and death.

Do this:

like all cancers, screening can facilitate in early detection, once the polyps / cancerous growths ar tiny and haven’t unfolded. Do the dirty immunology check yearly or an endoscopy each decade.

Health screening is vital as a result of it provides you a far better shot at optimum health. Besides providing you with a decent image of your overall health, it will discover potential health issues earlier and so maximize your treatment choices and possibilities of recovery.

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