Top questions about finasteride

Top questions about finasteride

When to start using finasteride?

If the signs of baldness begin in the young, it is in this age group (from the age of 18) that the use of the drug is indicated. If the problem starts later, the use of the medication will also be later.

Does finasteride cause hair to grow?

Finasteride does not give rise to hair, it simply preserves the existing hair strands in the hair in the way they are currently in the thick sense, slowing down the fall, however, once the root has disappeared, there is no way to form another.

What is the difference between finasteride and dutasteride?

Finasteride inhibits 5 alpha-reductase type 2 – there is also type 1, and some works, inconclusive, also describe a third type. Dutasteride, on the other hand, inhibits 5 alpha-reductase types 1 and 2. Finasteride is more commonly used for price and marketing history.
Dutasteride has almost the same side effects as finasteride.

Does finasteride Prevent Prostate Cancer?

The prevention of prostate cancer – which according to American statistics is the second most common in men, so we began to research ways to prevent it – with the use of finasteride is controversial topic.

Men who use finasteride continuously have decreased prostate volume, meaning it becomes a little smaller. This has led to studies to confirm whether the constant use of finasteride prevents prostate cancer. This statement occurs for low-grade cancers, that is, the more benign and less aggressive cancers.
However, studies have also shown a small increase in high-grade cancers, creating great controversy regarding the use of the drug as a preventive, because while it decreases the overall number of prostate cancers, when it manifests it would be more aggressive – as the prostate is smaller, if it could more easily detect a more aggressive cancer, which has behavior different from the low grade.

The laboratory responsible for finasteride wanted to get FDA approval that the drug prevents prostate cancer, but after those findings this was denied.

If a person has a family history of prostate cancer, follow-up with a urologist, PSA (benign prostatic antigen), and actual touch, and whether or not she can use finasteride is indicated.

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